One Team at a Time: Talladega High School Soccer
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Sunday, April 26, 2015
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Dedication is one word that has been engrained into each of the 23 girls on the Talladega High School soccer team.

Head coach, Hillary Hathcox

said, “It takes a lot of dedication to play soccer. My girls run year-round, we practice in the summer time when we can, and some of my girls play multiple sports, so they have to be able to divide their time between basketball, cheerleading, and then soccer. So it takes a lot of time and dedication for them to have the patience to play.”

That dedication may be exemplified by no on more so than Coach Hathcox herself.

“I am the only coach for the girls soccer team. I don’t have any assistants, so it’s pretty time consuming, and it’s a pretty hard job, but I have 23 girls that make it a joy to go to practice every day and to the games,” said Hathcox.

The Lady Tigers won’t be wasting anytime breaking in the thousand dollars worth of new equipment from Hibbett Sports.

Coach Hathcox said, “We plan on having a lot of practice with our new equipment. We are actually going to practice Monday. That’s our first day of official practice, and they are going to have a six-hour-long practice, but they are ready for it so all the balls and jerseys help us out tremendously.”

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